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We're hiring!

come grow with us

Embody Dance Conference is hiring! We are looking for like-minded people to join us on our mission of building an inclusive dance convention and competition. road family, administrative and work-study positions are available. 


see what we need help with below and feel free to send us an email at for more information.

Available Road Family Positions 



We are looking for the face of Embody Dance Conference! This is a performance gig and our Emcee must be able to adhere to scripts but also be able to improvise, listen and carry the show.  Vocal training is a required component of this job. Our Emcee will need to set aside time in their schedule for training and rehearsal. When they are not out there for awards, they are helping backstage and assisting in other roles such as giving our Sound Operator a break, lending a hand to merchandise, interacting with clients and more.


Advisors/Faculty Coordinator 

At Embody, we refer to our judges as "Advisors." During competition, our Advisors/Faculty Coordinator is in charge of monitoring scoring, previewing critiques after each routine, documenting each score for each entry, guiding the advisors to select awards quickly and passing along scores/scripts to the Emcee in time for the awards ceremony. During the convention, they are in charge of gathering numbers for scholarships from faculty, ensuring faculty is following the schedule, and making sure the integrity of the event is upheld. This position is for someone who is good with numbers, quick on their feet and has a willingness to learn how to handle situations the "Embody" way.


Crew Members

Our Crew Members help with load-in and load-out, set-up and organization. During competition, they are assisting Event Mangers in helping everything to run smoothly and during convention, they may be monitoring dance rooms, helping with merchandise, checking wristbands and much more! 


Awards Manager/Assistant Event Manager

During competition, our Awards Manager is in charge of creating a custom awards spreadsheet with the inventory needed for the event one week prior, coordinating dressing room assignments, assisting with backstage flow, giving the Event Manger breaks backstage, completing onsite awards inventory, organizing awards based on scores as they come-in, passing out awards onstage as the Emcee announces them, and making sure staff meals run on time. During convention, our Awards Manager is in charge of organizing scholarships and other awards, coordinating with outside representatives awarding scholarships,  organizing scripts for the Emcee and jumping into any roles as needed. This position is for someone who is organized, can keep track of a lot information and is a great communicator.


Sound Operator/Offstage Announcer

This position is for the ultimate multitasker. Their job is  to operate music, ensure appropriateness of music and announce each entry as it comes on stage. Organization, ability to troubleshoot under pressure and vocal energy are all important pieces to this position.


Truck Driver

Our Truck Driver drives a 20-26' box truck to our events. No Commercial License is required. We are looking for someone to help direct load-in and load-out as well as drive the truck from our Connecticut office to each event's venue and back. We provide wage by miles and give a small daily stipend for each day they wait to drive back. And of course, gas and hotel is covered by us. Please note they must be available for a longer time period to account for the Florida and California commutes than the dates listed below.

Road Family Incentives

-Per Diem when meals are not provided
-Transportation to/from event
-Transportation reimbursement when applicable 
-Double occupancy hotel rooms 
-Potential for the accumulation of Frequent Flyer Miles in your name
-Opportunity for growth within the company

Road Family Pay

- Family Training Weekend | Pay Per Day based on the number of hours scheduled for you for each day
- Comp/Convention Weekends | Pay ranges from $400 - $1,200 for the weekend based on what the position entails

Mandatory Dates

*Event weekends include the possibility of travel on the Thursday and Monday of each weekend

- February 11-13, 2022 (Dates will vary upon position but please keep the above open) | Virtual Family Training 
- February 24-February 27, 2022 | Stamford, CT Event
- March 10-14, 2022 | Santa Clara, CA Event
- April 21-25, 2022 | Orlando, FL Event

Available Administrative Positions 

*All positions are remote, part-time and come with flexible hours.

TO APPLY: Email your bio, resume, which position(s) you are interested in and why you desire to work for Embody to


Inclusion & Partnerships Coordinator 

Our Inclusion & Partnerships Consultant will work with the Director on identifying issues and updating our actionable plan for change as often as needed. This person will also be in charge of building and maintaining relationships with outside change makers and organizations. 


Event Planner

Our Event Planner will be in charge of planning future cities, selecting and ensuring that venues will align with our needs and negotiating venue contracts. 


Administrative Assistant

Our Administrative Assistant will monitor emails and social media messages during business hours and ensure that clients are receiving a timely, friendly and detailed response.


Stage Craft Consultant/Stage Engineer

Our Stage Craft Consultant will work directly with our production company to design and carry out plans for our dance spaces. This position crosses over into our Road Family and may entail being available for Mandatory Road Family Dates.


 Marketing Assistant

Our Marketing Assistant will work with the Director to develop and execute marketing plans, build and maintain relationships with new and existing clients through marketing networks and create daily content for social media platforms, email campaigns and our website.



Do you need financial assistance in attending one or more of our events? Do you have interest/experience in something we listed or in another area that you think would be helpful to our company? We'd love to collaborate!

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