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Description and Opportunities

Embody Ambassadors are dancers with a specific calling to become leaders and change-agents in their communities. Ambassadors are trained under our Director of Community to work with peers as mediators, touchstones and role models. This program is designed to help ambassadors grow their leadership skills while focusing on equity and inclusion.


Ambassadors will learn how to become “tap-out” dancers. Tap-out dancers are identifiable by wearing a distinctive bracelet and are "on-duty" only when they choose to be. If another dancer is feeling overwhelmed or like they need a peer to speak to, they can simply tap the arm of an "on-duty" ambassador who will meet them in a safe environment to talk. The Director of Community will be available throughout the weekend to support both tap-out dancers, and those who need them.  


Ambassadors will help lead a full community meeting. This meeting will create a space where the community can engage in ways that help grow our “common sense”. That is; the vocabulary and ways of being that communities grow when spending time together. We will work on leadership skills and practice skills related to inclusivity and kindness. These meetings will be exciting with opportunities to engage theatrically and somatically.


Lastly, Ambassadors will help create our Embody Dance Conference closing party! This is an opportunity to merge what you have learned about your community and about leadership with a lot of fun.

How to Apply

Applications are currently closed 
Stay tuned for 2023 applications

Apply to become a 2022 Embody Ambassador in just two steps!


1. Complete and submit the application.

2. Register for one 2022 Embody Dance Conference convention.

Accepted applicants will receive access to all three 2022 Embody events.

Application Deadline

The deadline to submit your form and register for one 2022 Embody convention is January 24, 2022.

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