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For example, a solo is $150 for 1 dancer but a large group with 15 dancers in it, comes out to $10/dancer. ​

No fees for extended time! Faculty judges!

Other conventions

Convention Fee ($265) 

3 large groups ($55/each) 

5 small groups ($55/each) 

1 trio ($75/each) 

1 solo ($140)



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Conference Fee ($300) 

3 large groups (let's say with 12 dancers in each - $12.50/each) 

5 small groups (let's say with 7 dancers in each - $21.50/each)

1 trio ($50)

1 solo ($150)


-It is common for dance studios to add on administrative costs to entry fees

-Dancers must be registered for the full conference weekend in the same city they are competing in

-Dancers may not compete more than one solo.

-Maximum routines per studio/company will vary by city and directors should contact Embody if they do not see entry limits posted on their city page.

independent dancers

Yes, we allow independent dancers! We understand that being part of a competitive team, company or dance studio is not accessible for everyone, whether it be for financial, geographic, or other reasons. We believe dance experiences should be for all dancers and we welcome you with open arms.

divisions and time limits

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While we do not charge for extended time, we ask that studios be respectful of our model and therefore, we allow a total of five minutes of extended times per studio that can be used however is needed. Independent dancers must request extended time by emailing info@embodydanceconference.com.

age divisions

  • All Embody competition age divisions are as of January 1st, 2022

  • Any routine with a dancer 21 years of age or older must compete in the professional division. Average age does not apply here.

  • Competition age divisions are different than conference age divisions

performance divisions

Embody Performance Divisions act as general guidelines to help guide studio directors or independent dancers to make a decision that is best for them and their community.


performance categories


Dancers in the improv category will be asked what “style” they’d like to perform ahead of time and music will be selected accordingly. Dancers will not know the song before getting on stage to perform. The music will fade out no later than 2 minutes and 30 seconds.


Solos and Duo/Trios should be available to compete after 3:00pm on Fridays. In certain cities, Group Competition may be scheduled on Fridays after 3:00pm. If so, we will do our best to notify studios at least two weeks prior to the event. If Solos and Duo/Trios are scheduled prior to 3:00pm on Friday and dancers decide not to perform, Embody will provide a full refund to those entries. Embody will never schedule Group Routines prior to 3:00pm on Fridays.


At Embody, we refer to our competition judges as advisors, as they are not here to judge you, they are here to help you.

advisors criteria


embody mission scale

We understand that “appropriateness” is subjective but at Embody, protecting our dancers and our audience is most important. Additionally, at the core of Embody is advocating for people of all races, cultures and identities and there is currently little regulation for cultural appropriation on the competition circuit. Each advisor's scoresheet has a “This routine does not align with Embody” checkbox. If one advisor checks this box, five points will be deducted from the routine’s score. If at least two advisors check this box, the routine will be disqualified. If even one box is checked, the studio director or independent dancer will be notified and passed along a pamphlet to explain why it is important to keep dance appropriate or why cultural appropriation is harmful. 


Your feedback is a super important piece to this. We are always here to listen and grow. Please reach out if you would like to share your thoughts.

score affirmations

Each dancer in a solo or duo/trio will receive a plaque with their score affirmation on it and each dancer in a group routing will receive a pin with their score affirmation on it. Each plaque/pin will replace “you” or “your” in the following affirmation with “I” and “my.” For example, if a dancer receives a “You are enough” score, the pin will say “I am enough.” Affirmations will change from season to season.


*We understand that mental and physical health may play a role in a dancer needing to exit the stage mid-routine. For solos and duo/trios, if a performer exits the stage prior to the end of their performance, they may not receive a score if the advisors do not feel enough of the routine was completed. However, in this case, performers will have the option to redo the routine once and have it remain in the competition.

adjudication and category awards

-All group dances will receive pins with their score affirmations on them. Studio directors have the option of donating the cost of pins and overall awards to Embody Dance Organization, our partner non-profit working to make dance financially accessible by providing scholarships for various dance opportunities.

- All solo and duo/trios will receive score affirmation plaques. Solo and duo/trio dancers have the option to donate the cost of their plaques to Embody Dance Organization.

-First in category awards will be awarded if there are 3 or more entries in a category.

overall awards

-High Score awards will be given in each Performance, Age and Size Division.

-Top 3, Top 5, Top 10 and Top 20 will be awarded based on the number of entries per Performance, Age and Size Division.

-The highest scoring 12 and under solo/duo/trio will be awarded as well as the highest scoring 12 and over solo/duo/trio.

-The highest scoring 12 and under group routine will be awarded as well as the highest scoring 12 and over group routine.

-All solos are automatically entered into the title category for their age division. The title category is NOT divided by gender and is rather an additional overall award system. 

additional awards

-Individualized special awards will be given out to dancers, selected by the advisors and directors.

-Choreography Awards - Given to specific pieces of choreography that advisors want to recognize.

-Community Award - Given to a studio that has shown kindness and encouragement to other studios and the Embody crew, chosen by the backstage staff.

-Embodiment Awards - Given to soloists who show up as their authentic selves on stage.

-Closing Show Invitations - Routines will be selected by advisors to perform at the closing show at the end of the weekend. Studios/dancers who receive closing show invitations will receive one free routine per invitation to our 2023 tour.