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Are you interested in assisting an Embody faculty member? Applications are open!


1. Click "Apply Now" and fill out the application form accordingly to submit materials.

2. Register for the event as a dancer or dancer/teacher! Dancers must be 8 years or older as of 1/1/2021 to be considered. There is no maximum age. Email info@embodydanceconference.com for payment plan information.

Form Preview:

-Dancer information

-Written interview questions


-One minute improv video in preferred style

-Video under two minutes and thirty seconds dancing someone else's choreography. Ex: competition solo, class combo, etc.

We believe that Embodiment Assistants will want to be part of the Embody movement regardless of status, therefore dancers must register for the full weekend of Embody Dance Conference in order for their submission to be processed. Embodiment Assistant Submissions close 1/20/2021, so dancers must also be registered by 1/20/2021 to be considered. All dancers who submit will receive an email after the deadline with the results of their application.

Dancers chosen to be Embodiment Assistants will have ten days to accept their position. Upon acceptance, there is a $45 Embodiment Assistant fee. This fee includes:

-An Embodiment Assistant t-shirt

-An Embodiment Assistant VIP class

-An exclusive meeting with the Embody Directors

Every Embodiment Assistant will receive a scholarship to a 2022 event!