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2022 Applications Close October 1, 2021

Embodiment Assistants are dancers paving the way in the dance community. They are strong in their craft and steadfast in their work to see inclusivity in dance spaces. This program is designed for dancers who want to assist and work closely with the Embody faculty, train their bodies while caring for their hearts, and build a community with like-minded dancers. Embodiment Assistants are not working for Embody, they are growing along with Embody. 

2022 Embodiment Assistants will receive:

-V.I.P. bonus classes in every city
-Access to all three Embody cities. Dancers can participate in whatever cities they are available for. 
-If dancers attend all three cities, they will receive one free solo in one city
-An Assistants photoshoot
-Embodiment Assistant Merchandise 

All Embodiment Assistant applicants will receive:
-Personalized, written feedback from a panel of three judges on applications

2022 Embodiment Assistants will:
-Assist specific faculty members in their level rooms 
-Help with promotional/marketing upon request i.e. videos , pictures, etc.

Total Assistant Fee for the 2022 Season: $300

We want to know you want to be part of the Embody mission regardless of the assistant status therefore, we ask for a $150 Assistant deposit which will go towards:

A) If you are accepted as an assistant this $150 acts as a credit towards your assistant fee.

B) If you are not accepted into the program, your $150 acts as a credit towards a 2022 Embody conference fee.

*Any half scholarships received at Foxwoods can be used for the Assistant fee. If you received a half scholarship, you must place the $150 deposit upon submitting the application form and then your balance will be cancelled out. If you received a full conference scholarship from Foxwoods, it can be put towards the Embodiment Assistant total fee but there will be a $50 merchandise fee. 

Pay assistant deposit here

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