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  • What makes Embody different from other conventions?
    There's a lot that's different about Embody! Let us share just some of what makes Embody different: Embody Dance Conference is the first 501(c)(3) dance convention and competition. This means that all donations are tax deductible, competition and convention fees can be partially tax deductible, we offer economic assistance for dancers to attend Embody events, and you can be assured when you register for an Embody event, your dollars are being used to help other dancers afford the opportunity to attend. Embody incorporates age-appropriate and interactive dance mindset and dance mental health seminars into the convention weekend. These seminars help dancers gather tools to emotionally take care of themselves on their dance journey. We work to create a safer, more inclusive convention environment. From hiring educators across all identities, the option to print pronouns on a dancer's name tag and an accommodations request form, we aim to create a space where dancers of all identities and abilities can feel safe, seen and supported.
  • What does your "Director of Community" do and why do you have one?
    Elle Oille-Stanforth is Embody's director of community (DOC). DOC enforces the values and mission of Embody through the convention weekend and is also available for conflict transformation between dancers, studio owners and parents. This allows Embody to ensure that attendees voices are being heard and everyone is leaving the convention weekend feeling loved and held by their community.
  • What is the Embody Ambassador program?
    Embody Ambassadors are dancers with a specific calling to become leaders and change-agents in their communities. Ambassadors are trained under our Director of Community to work with peers as mediators, touchstones and role models. This program is designed to help ambassadors grow their leadership skills while focusing on equity and inclusion. Ambassadors will learn how to become “tap-out” dancers. Tap-out dancers are identifiable by wearing a distinctive bracelet and are "on-duty" only when they choose to be. If another dancer is feeling overwhelmed or like they need a peer to speak to, they can simply tap the arm of an "on-duty" ambassador who will meet them in a safe environment to talk. The Director of Community will be available throughout the weekend to support both tap-out dancers, and those who need them. Ambassadors will help lead a full community meeting. This meeting will create a space where the community can engage in ways that help grow our “common sense”. That is; the vocabulary and ways of being that communities grow when spending time together. Ambassadors will work on leadership skills and practice skills related to inclusivity and kindness. These meetings will be exciting with opportunities to engage theatrically and somatically. Lastly, Ambassadors will help create our Embody Dance Conference closing party! This is an opportunity to merge what they have learned about their community and about leadership with a lot of fun. Learn more about the Embody Ambassadors.
  • What is the Embodiment Assistant Program?
    Embodiment Assistants are dancers paving the way in the dance community. They are strong in their craft and steadfast in their work to make change in dance spaces. This program is designed for dancers who want to assist and work closely with the Embody faculty, train their bodies while caring for their hearts, and build a community with like-minded dancers. Click here to learn more information about the Embodiment Assistant Program and read Embodiment Assistant specific FAQS.
  • How will I know which faculty will be at an event?
    Faculty for each event weekend are announced on our Instagram page seven days prior to the start of the event.
  • When is the schedule and welcome packet available?
    The convention schedule, competition schedule and welcome packet will be posted online 7-10 days prior to an event.
  • How do I find what venue the convention is being held out?
    Visit our Tour Dates Page,and select "Details" under your event city to find the venue and other specific information pertaining to your city.
  • Are independents allowed to register for Embody events?
    Yes! We allow independent dancers (dancers not affiliated with a studio) to register for the conference and competition!
  • Who is my point of contact for the season?
    Haleyann Hart (she/her), the Executive Assistant of Embody is here to help you with all of your needs. You can reach Haleyann directly at .
  • How do I apply for need-based scholarships and when will I hear back?
    Click here to apply for need-based scholarships. Dancers typically hear back within 30 days of submitting their application.
  • I'm a studio owner and I have some dancers in need of economic assistance to attend Embody. What should I do?
    Send your dance families the link to our scholarship application. Once they submit, you will hear back with a formal letter with a list of your dancers who have been granted need-based scholarships within 30 days of submitting.
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